• Batangas Channel

    Batangas Channel is just another diving attraction in Puerto Galera and it is somehow similar to Manila Channel. The Batangas Channel dive site is good for doing drift diving especially when the tide is perfect for drifting. Consequently, many divers are coming in this place just to see the activities of underwater creatures that are residing here.

    The maximum depth of Batangas Channel is ranging from 15 to 20 meters and when it comes to the currents, there will be no problem because the currents here are at the medium level. This diving site is perfect for novice divers that had just started the diving activity. This place is really exciting with its wonderful unusual creatures like rare critters and sponge formations, various fishes like stone fishes and scorpion fish, and colorful corals.

    In addition, you can also spot the famous blue ribbon eel here.
    In summary, this diving spot of Batangas Channel is rated as 4-star diving spot. The exact dive site is located between the Coco Beach and Island of Medio and can be reached by 10-minute “banca” ride from the shore.