• Puerto Galera Dive Sites

    -Puerto Galera is the finest dive spot in the Philippines, just a small Island but widely known not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. Visited by thousands of tourist yearly and loved due to its amazing features on both land and sea. This place is remarkable for its numerous dive sites that are surrounding the main Island and each has a huge content of marine creatures/aquatic resources.

  • Alma Jane Wreck

    Alma Jane Wreck

    Wreck Diving is exciting because the scenario is similar as an exploration for underwater treasures. It is exciting but it requires an experienced or advanced diver to do the wreck diving since it is quite difficult to perform this kind of diving activity. However, there are diving guides that are available to assist novice divers if really want to pursue.

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  • Coral Garden

    Coral Garden

    The Coral Garden Dive Spot in Puerto Galera is one of the kaleidoscopic diving sites in the Philippines. In fact, the coral garden has a great encouragement for the divers and photographers to come in Puerto Galera.

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  • Hole in the Wall

    Hole in the Wall

    Another signature diving spots that you can find in Puerto Galera is called Hole in the Wall. It is found in the west of Escarceo Point and can be reached by a 20 minute “banca” ride with a local diving guide.

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  • Manila Channel

    Manila Channel

    Puerto Galera is just a little Island in the Philippines but it is terrible in terms of diving activities. You can actually conduct any kind of diving you want and there are specific diving sites for the selected kind of diving activity that the diver wished. When it comes to drift diving, Manila Channel is the finest site.

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  • Monkey Wreck

    Monkey Wreck

    A wonderful experience is waiting for you in Monkey Wreck; this can be reached by only 5-minute boat ride from the shore. This place is a wonderful diving site found in Puerto Galera, Philippines, the diving site is fantastic along with its beach that can offer different services that will satisfy the needs of every customer.

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  • Odies Ding Ding

    Odies Ding Ding

    It took so long before the Odies Ding Ding had discovered since it was located at a pretty hidden place where there is only few residing people. This diving site is properly located at the western side of Manila Channel Puerto Galera, hidden under the surface of water. /p>

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  • Sabang Point

    Sabang Point

    Sabang point is another exciting diving attraction in Puerto Galera; it is located in the East of Sabang. At the first land on the shore, you will find boats that are heading to the exact diving site of Sabang Point. Approximately 15 – 30 minutes boat ride before reaching the place.

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  • Shark Cave

    Shark Cave

    The Shark Cave is one of the best diving sites in Puerto Galera. The name came from its nature; the Whitetip Reef Sharks are usually spotted resting on this place during day time. Shark Cave can be reached by 25 minute boat ride; it is located at eastern part of Escarceo Point.

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  • St. Christopher

    St. Christopher

    There is a sunken cargo ship named St. Christopher from Verde Island that can be found in the 24 meter depth of St. Christopher dive site. The sunken ship becomes a shelter for different schools of fish like damsels, batfish, spotted stingrays, and snappers.

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    The Canyons is one of the most wonderful diving sites in Puerto Galera. In fact, it is rated as 5 – star diving site and is recognized for its unbeatable feature. Located at the northeast of Escarceo Point, you will find the place by 30 minutes boat ride from the shore.

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  • The Hill

    The Hill

    The Hill is just one of the Puerto Galera’s dive sites. It can be found near the Batangas Channel and this dive site can be reached in fifteen to twenty minutes boat ride from the western coast of Puerto Galera’s shore. The Hill dive site is fantasticly maintained and protected since it lies near the bay.

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