• Alma Jane Wreck

    Wreck Diving is exciting because the scenario is similar as an exploration for underwater treasures. It is exciting but it requires an experienced or advanced diver to do the wreck diving since it is quite difficult to perform this kind of diving activity. However, there are diving guides that are available to assist novice divers if really want to pursue.

    Alma Jane Wreck dive spot is located at Puerto Galera and lies beside the Sabang Reef. From the shore, you will able to get into the Alma Jane Wreck by just a 5-minute boat ride. The entire dive spot is perfect for wreck diving because there is a cargo ship underwater that had sunk in the past at about year 2003. That sunken ship is the main attraction in the place and that what makes the dive site to be catchable for wreck diving. Corals and various fishes are the usual underwater creatures that can be found at the wreck spot and those are the ones making the place lively.

    You will really feel the greatness of the place when you are at the bottom. Seeing the sunken ship will remind you about the Titanic that is really a phenomenal and unbeatable dramatically oceanic feature. Alma Jane Wreck has 30 meters maximum of depth and the sunken ship is located at that depth.

    At a total cost of $35 to $45, you will able to fulfill the wreck diving experience in this place. The package includes everything including the weights, guides, flashlights or lamps, Nitrox, and boat. It is a really great experience in giving a dive to Alma Jane Wreck, you will not only visualize different underwater creatures on it but you will also able to explore how wonderful the place is.