• Coral Garden

    The Coral Garden Dive Spot in Puerto Galera is one of the kaleidoscopic diving sites in the Philippines. In fact, the coral garden has a great encouragement for the divers and photographers to come in Puerto Galera.

    The place is friendly since the currents are stable. It is the best diving spot for novice and photographer also takes an advantage because this is a really fantastic place when it comes to decoration. There are lots of colorful corals with different sizes that are arranged by nature. The depth is only 12 meter and you can snorkel all over the place. Night dive is also applicable in coral garden especially in the month of November because it is the perfect timing when the corals are releasing pollens – it really amplifies the extravagant looks of the entire place.

    Every diver is secured with guides so that everything will be alright. In case that there are strong currents, there are safety equipments that are respectively made for that scenario. At a cost of $25, you will able to see the wonder of this place. The pay already includes everything that is needed for your diving activity.

    You will surely say that it is worthy to pay just to fulfill your once in a lifetime experience of having a glimpse in the wonderful Coral Garden.