• Hole in the Wall

    Another signature diving spots that you can find in Puerto Galera is called Hole in the Wall. It is found in the west of Escarceo Point and can be reached by a 20 minute “banca” ride with a local diving guide. The importance of having a dive guide is to take you away from fierce currents, but usually it is choppy on the surface. The visibility of the diving spot can be reached at 80 ft. and has an average dept of 40 ft. According to research, the maximum depth of Hole in the Wall is 62 ft and has to be an experienced diver gets that deep.

    These famous diving spot in Puerto Galera is open for anyone even beginner divers. At 30 ft below, you’ll able to see fields of corals that are as good as any other diving places in the world.

    Furthermore, if you descent deeper in Hole in the Wall, you will eventually reach its average dept that leads you to “The Canyons”. The hole is about 2 and a half ft. wide and 5 ft tall, which is covered with multicolored crinoids and sponges that makes it very pleasant to the divers.

    You can see hundreds of different species of marine life under the Hole in the Wall. Some of them are Small reef fish, Butterfly, Titan triggerfish, angelfish, parrotfish, pennantfish, snappers, trumpertfish, scrawled filefish, lionfish, sweetlips, jacks, tuna, groupers, nudibranch, sea stars, sea cucumber, sand and Moray eels.