• Manila Channel

    Puerto Galera is just a little Island in the Philippines but it is terrible in terms of diving activities. You can actually conduct any kind of diving you want and there are specific diving sites for the selected kind of diving activity that the diver wished. When it comes to drift diving, Manila Channel is the finest site.

    You can reach the Manila Channel drift diving site by approximately twenty minutes motor boat ride from Puerto Galera. The exact place lies between the island of Medio and Paniquian that are just straight ahead from Puerto Galera Island. In the place, you can actually reach two other dive spot by just doing a one drift dive from Manila Channel Coral Garden.

    Manila Channel is extravagantly decorated with natural underwater creatures. The colorful corals give a wonderful live under the sea that’s why divers are attracted from it. Consequently, this dive spot has been visited by lots of divers not only the divers from Philippines but also the divers from other countries just to see how wonder the place is.

    The maximum depth is 18 meters and it enables the diver to have a glimpse with different underwater creatures. Expect to encounter various schools of fishes like boxfish, puffers, angelfish, porcupine fish, parrot fish, and emperor fish.

    In case that the currents are strong, there will be diving guides that will help you in your diving activities. Safety is always observed before diving so that nothing went wrong and the goal will be fulfilled happily. All in all, at a cost of $25 to $40, you will able to do the diving activity. It is really worthy to pay because you will surely enjoy your stay in Manila Channel Puerto Galera.