• Monkey Wreck

    A wonderful experience is waiting for you in Monkey Wreck; this can be reached by only 5-minute boat ride from the shore. This place is a wonderful diving site found in Puerto Galera, Philippines, the diving site is fantastic along with its beach that can offer different services that will satisfy the needs of every customer. There are lots of divers who already experience giving a dive to this place and according to them; there are lots of beautiful underwater creatures that can be encountered here.

    The maximum depth of this dive site is 69 meters, however just in the middle of its depth, you will able to encounter numerous sea creatures that are really eye catching. Going along deeper than 45 meters is no longer recommended because there might be sharks and some wild sea creature that might harm the diver. The entire site is rich with soft corals and different fishes like barramundi, angelfish, and triggerfish. In addition, the place is also magnificent with colorful corals.

    On the other hand, the current is ranging from medium to extremely strong and every diver needs a guide for their safety. Experienced divers are only allowed to do the diving activity when the currents are strong. It is best to visit the Monkey Wreck every month of November to May.