• Odies Ding Ding

    It took so long before the Odies Ding Ding had discovered since it was located at a pretty hidden place where there is only few residing people. This diving site is properly located at the western side of Manila Channel Puerto Galera, hidden under the surface of water.

    At first, you will wonder why this diving spot had been discovered because at first glance, you will notice that it is really on a hidden spot but when it was ferret out by the late Captain Udilon, who is also known as Odie by his nickname. In the time that the place had been discovered, it became a fantastic diving site.

    Local divers really love giving a dive on Odies Ding Ding because it is really rich in wonderful underwater creatures that give an exciting feeling. Initially, this place is hard to reach but when the place becomes populated and civilized, it really reachable and visited by numerous Philippine divers. In addition, there are also tourists that visited this place and there are lots of positive feedbacks from them. You can get into the place within 15 to 20 minutes boat ride.

    The dive site is specifically called Odies Wall because it is surrounded by walls that will lead you to the deeper level – 40 meter is the approximate depth of Odies Ding Ding dive spot. The famous attraction in Odies Ding Ding dive site is its abundance of different colorful corals at any sizes. You can find small, medium, and large sizes of corals with kaleidoscopic appearances. Black coral trees can also be spotted on the place and you will be amazed on its 3-meter of height.

    In summary, at a cost of $25 you will able to fulfill your diving curiosity on this place, additional $10 for Nitrox if you want to go deeper. It is really worthy to pay $25 – $35 because you will satisfactorily have a glance with amazing features of Odies Ding Ding dive site.