• Sabang Point

    Sabang point is another exciting diving attraction in Puerto Galera; it is located in the East of Sabang. At the first land on the shore, you will find boats that are heading to the exact diving site of Sabang Point. Approximately 15 – 30 minutes boat ride before reaching the place.

    The entire diving site of Sabang Point is really fantastic since it is abundant with lots of natural sea creatures. Corals are eye-catching because of its kaleidoscopic appearances. Moreover, there are also various schools of fish that are goofing around the place. Depending upon the depth level of Sabang Point, you will able to see numerous exotic underwater invertebrates. You will able to visualize the big turtles, eels, octopus, and sea snakes – these creatures are usually found at the bottom part of the sea where there is thick sand.

    This diving site has a depth of 24 meter and the currents are friendly, making the diving activities to be easy. There is no cost of exploring the wonder of this place, especially when you fulfill your aim in diving to it.