• Shark Cave

    The Shark Cave is one of the best diving sites in Puerto Galera. The name came from its nature; the Whitetip Reef Sharks are usually spotted resting on this place during day time. Shark Cave can be reached by 25 minute boat ride; it is located at eastern part of Escarceo Point.

    The nature of this diving site is really fantastic because it is rich in wonderful sea creatures like the following.

    – Whitetip Reef Sharks
    – Green Tubastrea Corals
    – Soft Corals
    – Gorgonian Sea Fans
    – Sponges
    – Angelfish
    – Nudibranchs
    – Long-nose butterfly fish
    – File fish
    – Trigger fish
    – Pennant fish
    – Parrotfish
    – Surgeonfish
    – Soldier Fish
    – Reef Fish
    – Puffer fish

    The average depth of Shark Cave is 25 meter, and you will able to see various underwater creatures as you explore deeper. The current in here is not friendly – it is usually strong but you can still fulfill the diving activities here since you will not be affected by the high pressured waves on 65 ft. underwater.

    Overall, the Shark Cave is just one of the most exciting diving sites all over Puerto Galera. Giving a dive to it will definitely give you a great time especially when spotted the sharks residing on this place that makes a signature to the place. You must always observe your safety by gearing up with safety equipments before diving.