• St. Christopher

    There is a sunken cargo ship named St. Christopher from Verde Island that can be found in the 24 meter depth of St. Christopher dive site. The sunken ship becomes a shelter for different schools of fish like damsels, batfish, spotted stingrays, and snappers.

    Moreover, you can also see different reefs in here like nudibranches. Since 1995 when the ship had sunk, it becomes a great attraction for various underwater creatures. Once that the place was discovered, it was vividly emblazoned with corals and numerous creatures which is making the place lively.

    Advanced divers are allowed to dive over this dive site however; novice or beginners are required to have a guide to assure their safety. Divers are provided with everything that is needed for their safe diving. Flashlights and lamps are very much needed in doing the wreck diving for divers able to see how beautiful the place is.