• THE CANYONS – 5 star

    The Canyons is one of the most wonderful diving sites in Puerto Galera. In fact, it is rated as 5 – star diving site and is recognized for its unbeatable feature. Located at the northeast of Escarceo Point, you will find the place by 30 minutes boat ride from the shore. The current activity in this spot is a kind of strong but it is indeed a best dive opportunity when high tide. The average depth is about 95 feet and the maximum depth is 200 feet.

    In diving, you will need to have a diving guide so that you will have a good positioning with the currents. Drifting through the hole in the wall, you will found a canyon shelter that is a best place for photographers. The famous attraction within this site is to watch over the fish life. Fishes such as 6-banded angel fish, emperor angelfish, and royal angelfish are the most fishes that can be seen here. In addition, you will also able to see more underwater creatures like gorgonian sea fans and barrel sponges if you go deeper.

    The best opportunity is when you get the current on its good mood so that you will be able to sweep onto a 5 feet anchor. It is where your group can gather around the canyon to let go and be swept away by the current and decompress in the open water. Most people call it “a high-voltage dive” because of the shocking moment that you experience once you go diving.